Dismantled the wardrobe: Nadya Dorofeeva posed in underwear

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Disassembled the wardrobe: Nadia Dorofeeva posed in underwear

The singer posted a spicy photo on the social network.

Nadia Dorofeeva decided to pamper her followers with spicy A snapshot from her bedroom, reports Chronicle.info with a link to TSN.

On Instagram, she posted a photo in which she posed, leaning her elbows on the bed. She is dressed in a white and black Puma sweater tied under her bust and white panties. The singer looks down languidly.

Dismantled the wardrobe: Nadya Dorofeeva posed in her underwear

& # 171; It's hard for me to part with things, although I may not wear some for 5 years! Recently I thought that there is no need to be afraid to say goodbye to clothes that you do not wear: give to other people, exchange with friends … in general, it is cool once a season to disassemble your wardrobe & # 187;, & # 8212; signed by the artist.

Disassembled the wardrobe: Nadya Dorofeeva posed in her underwear

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