Discord has added AI capabilities from OpenAI to its features

News » Science and Technology Discord has added AI capabilities from OpenAI to its features

Discord has announced many plans to expand AI capabilities on the popular chat platform, including introducing OpenAI technology into such features like a chatbot and a moderation system, writes Bloomberg.

Discord was once considered a niche application for gaming voice chat, but now it has grown into a hub for all kinds of communication via text, audio, video and has more than 150 million users on 19 million servers, or interest groups. According to the company, millions of people are already using AI apps on Discord every month, creating content from gaming resources to collaborative novel writing, and about 10% of new users are joining the platform to participate in various AI communities. Discord's AI text-to-image generation server, Midjourney, is the platform's largest community with over 13 million members.

Discord is updating its Clyde chatbot to answer user questions in real time and have long conversations using OpenAI technology. Users can tag Clyde in messages and it will respond with, for example, the weather or time in another country.

AutoMod is also being updated, which will use OpenAI to parse text and warn moderators of a possible violation of server rules .

Last year, Discord created a $5 million fund for developers and early-stage startups. And the company announced that part of this fund will be used to help develop AI tools.

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