Disclosed the mysterious “observers” ancient disaster

Раскрыты «таинственные наблюдатели» древней катастрофы

Scientists have known who have left a footprint on the ashes after the eruption of an ancient volcano.

At the University Certini in Australia, scientists have refuted the theory that the eruption of the volcano Caballar in Turkey watched the Neanderthals. It is reported online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

Previously it was thought that the volcano in the West of modern Turkey, has erupted hundreds of thousands of years ago. In the volcanic ash that fell on the ground, was discovered a trace of modern man. On Earth at this time, the Neanderthals lived.

Scientists have found that the eruption happened on 245 thousand years later, and its observers were modern humans who lived 4,7 thousand years ago in the bronze age.

Named the progenitors of human civilization

Experts conducted two different analyses of ash — Dating of radiogenic helium and cosmogenic chlorine. They allowed to determine the time of eruption and the residence time of ash on the surface.

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