Director Soroka: “Arab staff spent the night in the hospital during the Guardian of the Walls”

Director Magpie: & ldquo; Arab staff slept at the hospital during the Wall Guard> <rdquo;

The director of Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, Dr. Shlomi Kodesh, spoke with journalists Roy Katz today.

The doctor said, that during Operation Wall Sentinel, Arab staff were allowed to stay overnight in the hospital. They were simply afraid to return to the areas of Beersheba where they live.

“All Soroka’s employees get up in the morning to do good to the people of the Negev,” Shlomi Kodesh said. “I and other senior hospital staff live in Meitar. During Operation Wall Sentinel, routes 31 and 60 were closed due to unrest. It was a night when to get to the hospital we had to go along Highway 40. And that takes twice as long to get to the hospital to work. And so it bothered & rdquo ;.

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