Director Rotaru revealed the secret of her youth

Директор Ротару раскрыл секрет ее молодости

Director Rotaru revealed the secret of her youth
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The artist belongs to all with love and adhere to the diet.

Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru never ceases to delight the audience not only new hits, but a flourishing species. Fans wonder how the 72-year-old actress manages to look half her age? Secular chroniclers suggested that before each scene the performer impose a special plastic makeup that hides all the wrinkles. However, representatives of Sofia Mikhailovna just laugh.

– This nonsense about the mask we had read. Of course, this is a lie, – said the Director of the concert artist Sergei Lavrov said in comments to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Experienced surgeons say that the secret to unfading beauty Rotaru lies in genetics and the application of achievements of modern medicine. Although a representative for the actress insists that’s not it. According to the Manager of the star, the singer manages to look so young due to proper diet.

– Sofia Mihajlovna very beautiful woman, many wonder how she manages for so many years to fall in love with millions. Before each big concert she goes on a special diet, told reporters Lavrov. – It is not so easy to provide diet as a favorite dish of Sofia Mihajlovny is fried potatoes. Rotaru had to refuse potatoes, from desserts, from meat dishes. She mainly eats fresh greens every day makes a one-hour walk.

Earlier in interview “KP” Rotaru told that the grandchildren never call her grandmother, and the main secret of their good form, says love.

– I’m a grandmother does not call. Our family Sonya elder Sonya and the youngest, my granddaughter. And call each other. I’ve never heard of me grandchildren called her grandmother. Only Sonya. This desire grandchildren. They said: “no One believes that you are our grandmother! Very young!” What’s my secret? The secret of love. I love life, love family, love their audience, – said earlier the artist.

Recently Rotaru sings only on television shows. In November, she participated in the filming of the Christmas lights in Kiev, and in December appeared on “Song of the year” and the festival “legends of Retro FM” in Moscow. Her arrival caused a stir in Russia.

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