Dinner in an expensive restaurant women last in life: “it All started with vomiting.”

Ужин в дорогом ресторане стал для женщины последним в жизни: "Все началось со рвоты"

Guests of the holiday got seriously poisoned in a place with a Michelin star

A tragic story occurred on 16 February. The deceased celebrated the birthday of her husband at an expensive restaurant. After delicious meals, her condition suddenly deteriorated. It all started with vomiting and upset stomach. The woman barely survived the night and died the next morning.

Ужин в дорогом ресторане стал для женщины последним в жизни: "Все началось со рвоты"

Such a case occurred in a resident of Spain named maría jesús fernández Calvo. As it became known, in the “Michelin” restaurant in Valencia she had ordered a dish of rice and morels. Threat symptoms in women were evident immediately on arrival home. In addition, poisoned another 11 guests, including the birthday boy and son of the deceased.

After the death of the client the extra restaurant was closed. The police began to investigate the death of a woman. Law enforcement officers developing two main versions of what happened. The first is that the kitchen processed the mushrooms properly. In the result inside a toxic substance hydrazine. The second version assumes that birthday the restaurant staff filed a dish of poisonous mushrooms that are very similar to morels. For example, Veselka ordinary.

The chef of the institution, Bernd Knoller argues that “deeply saddened” by the incident. He agreed to temporarily close the restaurant that earned the first Michelin star in 2009. Besides, the man aktywno cooperating with the investigation and helps as soon as possible to find out the cause of poisoning, which became the last in the life of Mary.

Ужин в дорогом ресторане стал для женщины последним в жизни: "Все началось со рвоты"

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