Dimitar’s mother and sister …

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Dimitar’s mother and sister …

The show “The Voice of Bulgaria” on bTV marked a heavy drama. Dimitar, 25, shook the audience with a story about his difficult fate. The tattooed singer performed the song Amy Winehouse “Back to Black” and left Ivan Lechev, Dara, Lubo Kirov and Galena speechless. However, it turned out that the young man had lost his closest people at the age of 18.

“One day they just woke me up to tell me that my mother was gone and they were looking for her by helicopter. We lived by a river, it had fallen inside and the water had swept it away. One day he just disappeared. The official version, according to forensic scientists, is that it was a suicide. I refuse to accept and I hope it is just an unfortunate incident “, shared the participant from” The Voice of Bulgaria “.

However, tragedies do not stop. Only ten months later, his sister committed suicide. One morning she swallows pills and stops her heart for 10-15 minutes. 45 minutes trying to revive it, but without any effect. “I felt lost, I didn’t know how to filter my emotions. Very often I ran away from my emotions with the help of alcohol or drugs. I wanted to cease to exist. I was completely lost “, Dimitar admits in the show’s business card. In the difficult moment, he grasps to the music, which helps him cope with the pain and grief of his mother and sister.

The mentors and viewers of “The Voice of Bulgaria” were left speechless after his confessions. The young man deserved four inverted chairs, and Ivan Lechev, Dara, Lubo Kirov and Galena hoped he would join their team. Surprisingly for everyone, the 25-year-old talent chose Galena and went to her team.

Dimitar was born in Stara Zagora, but most of his time he lived in Shumen, then for 16 years in the Czech Republic, and now in Peshtera with his aunt and uncle. There he works in a factory that produces food supplements for animals. It is his aunt and uncle who are his only close people and the talent returns to his homeland to be close to them. Dimitar admits that he has a different sexual orientation

“At first I confessed to my sister, then my parents found out for themselves. It was dramatic, they didn’t take it well at all. They took me to psychologists in the hope of changing something in me. There it was explained to them that the mistake was not in me and they got used to this fact. They have no other choice “, he explained about his preferences for men.


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