Dima Kolyadenko made an offer Irina Bilyk

Дима Коляденко сделал предложение Ирине Билык

Kolyadenko has admitted that he dreams about the third child.

Ukrainian pop singer Irina Bilyk received a sudden proposal of marriage from her former husband, the showman Dima Kolyadenko. At this step, the dancer decided, during the anniversary ceremony of Miss Blonde Ukraine, where the ex-wife were both leading, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to lime.apostrophe.ua.

On the fan page Bilyk in Instagram there was a short video that captures the moment of recognition. 47-year-old Kolyadenko got down on one knee and offered the performer a ring, asked her again to marry him. Married at the moment artist he also asked not to rush to failure.

Kolyadenko suddenly confessed ex-wife, which everyone also loves her and misses. When he presented her with a ring exclusive handmade and you said “Ira, marry me”, the singer was confused.

“This is so sudden… I’m married… I have to think,” — said the 49-year-old Bilyk.

The singer tried to turn the situation into a joke, but Kolyadenko was serious. In the end, ring the actress took, however, an affirmative answer has not sounded. In response to this Kolyadenko admitted that she dreams about the third child, a girl, which will be similar to Bilyk.

Fans of the singer are also at a loss. Some believe the situation is an episode of the program the evening show, while others believe that Kolyadenko do have feelings for ex-wife.

Today Iryna Bilyk really sick, Aslan by ahmedovym. Moreover, the couple has a son Tabriz. However, in interviews the singer has repeatedly admitted that what my husband spends very little time, as both of them are in a permanent move. Besides Akhmadov lives in Moscow.

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But with Dmitry Kolyadenko performer not only supports relations, but also often appears at various events. Thus the questions of journalists and fans about his personal life, the actress says that they are showman, they are only close friends.

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