Diligently Crying Left by Richard Kyle, Jedar Unconsciously Targeted by Vincent Verhaag

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Diligently Crying Left by Richard Kyle, Jedar Unconsciously Targeted by Vincent Verhaag


Jessica Iskandar is blooming after being proposed Vincent Verhaag. Although it was relatively short, he finally decided to be serious, Jessica Iskandar revealed that Vincent had been after him since 4 years ago.

Jessica Iskandar loudly confessed her love to Vincent Verhaag.

“Love it. But, the process of getting to know him is long. He has known me for a long time, about 4 years ago, so did I. It’s because Mbak Jess (one of the private television employees) WhatsApp me, ‘Jes has a greeting.’ That I ignored, at that time I was already there (a partner), the past was not important,” the story Jessica Iskandar laughing at the Trans TV studio, Jalan Captain P Tendean, South Jakarta, Wednesday (13/10/2021).

Jessica Iskandar just met Vincent Verhaag in person after deciding to move to Bali. At that time, he remembered that he had only been in Bali for two weeks.

Bastian Steel had contacted him and asked him to enjoy the sunset. However, at that time Jessica Iskandar admitted that she still often cried after breaking up with Richard Kyle.

“After that, when I was sick yesterday, I moved to Bali. About 2 weeks to Bali, Bastian told me, ‘Sis Jes is in Bali again? Let’s meet at sunset.’ I was still crying every day,” he admitted.

“I said, ‘If you want the sunset at my villa, then.’ Bastian stell came with Vincent,” continued Jessica Iskandar.

However, the arrival of Vincent Verhaag that day to his villa, was not warmly welcomed by Jessica Iskandar who was still heartbroken. He didn’t even greet Vincent who came with Bastian Steel.

“But that day I was still in a sad period. I didn’t pay attention, I met Vincent and didn’t say hello. After that I went back up to my room, crying again. I said, ‘Bastian just play with El, if you want to swim, just swim, ‘” said the mother of one, laughing.

After that meeting, Vincent Verhaag thought Jessica Iskandar didn’t like his attitude. Vincent came to that conclusion because he felt neglected.

But, since then Vincent Verhaag became one of Jessica Iskandar’s friends who was always there. From there, their relationship eventually became close friends.

“But he (Vincent) thought, ‘I think he (Jessica Iskandar) doesn’t like my behavior.’ I’m indifferent, like that. Along with that we became friends,” he said.

“It’s been more than a year as a friend, even though I started to move on, he’s still there. Well, what’s the point, maybe God’s plan is extraordinary. I didn’t expect it, I didn’t think I could be with him, “said


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