Diet Revolution: Bacteria Transfer from Thin to Overweight People

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 Diet revolution: Bacteria transfer from lean to overweight people

New Israeli research could revolutionize the world of dieting – instead of counting calories or fasting between meals, bacteria can be passed from thin people to overweight people to promote weight loss extra pounds.

Professor Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute of Science, who led the study, explained in an interview with Israeli TV Channel 12 exactly how it works.

More than 10,000 people have already taken part in the study, and according to Professor Sehgal, its goal is to “detect diseases before they occur so that we can intervene and prevent them.”

An interesting phenomenon has been identified in in a larger study on early disease detection. The idea is that even before the onset of the symptoms of the disease, it manifests itself at all sorts of molecular levels that are not visible to the eye – and that is why they studied a very large group of more than 10,000 healthy people.

Segal says: “There have been genetic studies, measurements of bacterial populations, thousands of molecules in the blood, the cardiovascular system, the liver, sleep, nutrition, and so on. We're actually trying to identify the signs that we see in people before illness sets in, and we already have quite a few discoveries in this context.”

An interesting discovery made during the study concerns the tendency to obesity and the risk of developing diabetes. Professor Segal explains: “We have found a group of bacteria that, when given certain mutations, are likely to produce certain substances that can cause obesity or diabetes. We figured this out by analyzing information on 10,000 participants, and we actually identified bacteria that with a certain mutation are found in overweight people – compared to those who do not have a mutation, they are found in thin people, ”says Professor Segal.

“It may turn out that we have such a difference in gut bacteria that I will produce more energy and calories from the same food that you and I eat, and it may turn out that I will gain more weight from the same food compared to you,” Segal explains. He says: “We tried to understand if this means that it will be possible to transfer bacteria from normal weight people to overweight people – and then they will be able to lose weight.”
Segal says: “This could be one of the new methods of overweight therapy, as well as many other problems".

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