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In the vast majority of cases, diet helps effectively solve the problem of chronic constipation and eliminates the use of laxatives or any other treatment.

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In this article we use the term “diet from constipation” just because of the fact that a lot of people used to take the idea of changing the diet needed to eliminate constipation.

In fact, recommendations for changes in the feed composition set forth below are not diet in the medical sense of the word (that is a special diet designed to treat a specific disease), and should be treated as ordinary rules of a healthy diet, which should follow all the people who care about their health.

In this regard, the recommendations regarding nutrition, set out below, you need to follow after the disappearance of constipation, possibly throughout life.

Below, for convenience, we will continue to use the expression “diet from constipation”.


The basic rules of the diet against constipation is:

  • Eat more foods containing fiber (vegetables, fruits, grains);
  • Limit consumption of products that contribute to the development of constipation (do not contain fiber): meat, white bread, pasta, peeled potatoes, ice cream, cheese, milk, semolina, white rice;
  • Drink more fluids (water, juices);
  • To limit consumption of drinks with diuretic properties: black and green tea, coffee, alcohol.

Fluid intake:

Often, to eliminate chronic constipation is possible only through the consumption of enough water.

  • Enough is consumption at least 8 glasses of 250 ml. of water per day, in addition to any liquid diet is adopted for a day
  • Try to limit the intake of tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages as they possess diuretic effect and may exacerbate constipation. If you don’t want to give up these drinks – additionally drink 1 glass of water after each serving of these drinks.
  • Try to limit the consumption of milk and dairy products, especially if you notice that they can increase you have constipation.
  • If you suffer from any chronic heart disease or kidney, ask your doctor how much fluid you can consume in a day
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A diet rich in fiber

A diet rich in fiber can solve the problem of constipation (not associated with any disease) without drugs and without doctors.

For normal operation of the intestine of an adult human daily need 20-35 grams of fibre (about 20-25 g for women and 30-35 for men).

Children and adolescents need daily the amount of fiber equal to their age in years + 5 (for example, a seven year old child should be getting every day 12 grams of fiber (7 +5)).

An effective diet for treatment of constipation it is convenient to make by means of substitution of products of the same purpose but with different properties.


Product type

Products that can and should have with constipation

Foods to avoid with constipation

For Breakfast

black bread
White bread with bran
Muesli with dried fruits

White bread flour

Main dishes

Fresh vegetable salad with sunflower or olive oil



Dried fruits: prunes, dates, dried apricots
Candy and cookies with dried fruit
The sweetness of whole grains
oatmeal cookies
Fruits and berries

pure chocolate
Cookies made from flour


The total fluid intake of 1-1,5 liters per day
Sparkling mineral water
fruit juices
Fresh dairy products

whole milk
Tea (black or green)

Change the composition of your diet gradually! A sharp increase in the amount of fiber in the food (for example, if one day to eat a lot of raw vegetables) can cause bloating and abdominal pain (many people makes this mistake quickly “stop the experiment”). Do not chase quick results and try gradually, day by day, change your diet, focusing on your health.

Detailed advice on how to determine how much fiber per day you consume, and how to organize the right diet rich in fiber and what else can this food also prevent constipation you will find the article Foods and a diet rich in fiber.

As shown by some studies, regular (daily) exercise has a beneficial effect on the intestine and can help alleviate constipation.

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If you are not able to do at the gym, swim or go to group sessions – try, at least, more often and to walk more.

In his spare time, especially before going to the toilet you can do the following exercises that strengthen abs and stimulate the intestine: take a deep breath, pulling the stomach for a few seconds, hold your breath, and then exhale very quickly, throwing away the stomach. You can repeat the exercise 7-10 times, 3-4 times a day.

Supplements that contain fiber

As practice shows, for one reason or another, the vast majority of people who suffer from chronic constipation, “not withstand” a prolonged diet rich in fiber or just can’t organize proper nutrition, which would ensure the intake of sufficient amounts of fibers.

Indeed, in order to organize a truly effective healthy diet, which would ensure the intake of 20-30 g of fiber a day (about as much need for the formation of soft stool) in many cases, you may need a radical change in the style of food.

If you think that you can’t fully adhere to the recommendations of the diet needed to eliminate constipation, note the possibility of using food additives containing “concentrated” dietary fiber (eg, wheat bran, methylcellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, hemicellulose, psyllium (Pslm, Psyllium, Mukofalk), laminaria, flax seeds). Such supplements are sold in pharmacies and usually are inexpensive. When taken regularly they can substantially cover the body’s need for fiber and effectively eliminate constipation.

How to Supplement with fibre (fibre)?

  • It is very important with bran or any other supplements containing the dietary fiber, consume plenty of water (see above fluid intake). 50 grams bran can absorb in the gut to 900 ml. of water, so if you take a Supplement with fiber, but do not consume enough water, constipation may increase.
  • The first effect of taking supplements containing dietary fiber, appears not earlier than a few days after the start of treatment. For this reason, they need to continue to take even if at first you don’t notice any effect.
  • Supplementation with fiber must be taken daily, even if the stool is soft and easily distinguished.
  • Unlike most laxatives, dietary fiber does not have any negative effects on the intestines and can be used for a long time without the risk of complications.
  • At the beginning of the supplementation with fiber may appear abdominal pain and bloating. To avoid these problems, take a Supplement with fiber, you first need in small doses. Gradually, about 1 time a week the dose is increased.
  • We need to continue to increase the dose of additives with cellulose to achieve a good result – a daily soft stool that is released without difficulty. After reaching this result, some experts recommend again to increase the dose of dietary fiber.
  • Continue to Supplement with the fiber until then, until you will be able to establish diet with adequate fiber.
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How to take bran?

For the effective treatment of constipation should eat 15 to 50 g wheat bran per day.

You can start treatment with 15 g / day. Then you need to gradually increase the dose. Convenient daily to soak the bran in warm water and eat them sit down in two: one half for Breakfast and the other half for dinner.

As studies have shown, when consuming 30-50 grams of bran per day bowel movements occur twice as fast.


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