Died Ukrainian, whose name is known throughout the world: “grief”

Умерла украинка, имя которой знал весь мир: "ужасное горе"

Soviet and Ukrainian film critic, film critic and screenwriter Maya Turovsky died at the age of 94 years

This was announced by chief editor of “Session” Love Arkus and editor in chief of the Teatr magazine Marina Davydova.

Turov became widely known after in 1965 he acted as screenwriter in the film “Ordinary fascism” directed by Mikhail Romm. However, the critic had previously said they were directly involved in writing the script along with Yuri Anutiny, and then to the process of shooting was connected to the Romm.

Умерла украинка, имя которой знал весь мир: "ужасное горе"

Turovskaya was born in Kharkov in 1924, he graduated from the philological faculty and the faculty teatrovedchesky GITIS. A little later she became a fellow at the research Institute of theory and history of cinema. Turov with enviable frequency appear on the first pages known in the circles of foreign and domestic magazines.

Умерла украинка, имя которой знал весь мир: "ужасное горе"

In addition, the film critic was in the Union of writers and cinematographers of the USSR, and later in 2007 received the award “Nika” for contribution to cinematographic science. It is also known that the celebrity lived in Munich, not a permanent basis after the Soviet Union collapsed.

Earlier in Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk oblast, on 60-m to year of life has died the poet Valery Bondarev, working under the pseudonym Valery Massager. On the death of the said daughter of the poet Valery Kudlay.

It turned out that the poet was seriously ill. He needed heart surgery, and she lacked the funds. Thursday, January 24, poet is still operated, but he died that night in the hospital.

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Before the surgery daughter wrote on the social network: “Dad really bad! Only took out from the operating room! I beg you, pray! His heart stopped more than once, it’s very heavy. Said to wait an hour, and will be more or less clear.”

Умерла украинка, имя которой знал весь мир: "ужасное горе"

She later reported the sad news: “the Pope was too worn out heart. Without the surgery he would have lived a few days. The doctors tried to prolong. But, alas…”

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