Died participant of the project that zvazheni schaslivi season 5

Died from a heart attack the 52-year-old member of the show that zvazheni schaslivi 5 Igor Pashinsky.

Помер учасник проекту Зважені та щасливі 5 сезон

Last night, November 19, at STB during the broadcast that zvazheni schaslivi-5 announced that one of the participants, which in this episode has left the project died. It did not happen during the project. Igor Pashinsky was home a month and a half (the project is in the record) and continued to lose weight to look good at the final weigh-in, but he could not stand the heart.

Помер учасник проекту Зважені та щасливі 5 сезон

Says Igor’s wife Galina Pashinska.

– Igor in the morning was in training, in the evening we went to the river to swim. He normally felt. And in the morning he became ill. Headache. He said to me: “I probably won’t watch as you go to sleep“. 11 called and said something was wrong with him. Never before Igor did not say that! In the hospital he was admitted with peptic ulcer bleeding. It was the initial diagnosis. But then, as it turned out, it had began a massive heart attack.


– The autopsy showed that initially the wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment. He put a dropper, to stop peptic ulcer bleeding, a lot, and this was impossible to do… Even negligence. The man stops the heart, and nowhere no one. Anyone! Doctor no! It’s hard to remember…

What made the diagnosis?

– Coronary heart disease. I asked the doctors directly about the project – not if he brought harm. The doctor told us “No“. On the contrary, if Igor went into the project and has not lost weight, he spent this time In the hospital… he put the wrong diagnosis and the wrong treated.“

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Помер учасник проекту Зважені та щасливі 5 сезон

A woman said that to go to the draft and lose weight idea was that husband.

It was a conscious decision to lose weight and come back to life. Weight led to the fact that the last two years, he almost never worked, no one wanted to take. It was removed from the Bank – well for the guard who doesn’t pass? And he used to always take care of the family,“ said Galina.

We will remind, 52-summer Igor Pashinsky came to a Balanced and happy-5 with a weight of 193 kg (height 176 cm). When I left the project at the 13th week, the scales showed minus 37 kg. of the House for a month and a half Igor lost another 14 kg, reaching the level of 142 kg, He wanted to lose weight to 90 kg.

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