Died “father of Russian rock” Alexander Gradsky

The father of Russian rock

Famous singer and composer Alexander Gradskiy died in Russia.

He passed away at 72.

Within a day before that, information appeared in the media that the singer had a stroke and was sent to intensive care.

The artist's health deteriorated after the coronavirus, which he contracted in September 2021.

According to Izvestia, the artist died at 2:10 on November 28.

The winner of the State Prize of Russia and People's Artist of the Russian Federation is the founder of Russian rock. & quot; Heavy & quot; he began to study music at school.

As a teenager, he already founded the first rock groups Slavs and “ Buffoons. ''

In 1974, he became widely known for his music for the film “ Romance of Lovers. ''

In 1985, he released rock opera “ Stadium '', the plot of which is based on the military coup in Chile in 73rd year. The composer worked on the work for almost 10 years.

Thanks to Gradsky, the first rock festivals appeared during the Soviet Union. In particular, he selected artists for Rock Panorama-86.

He is well known to modern youth in the post-Soviet space as a member of the jury of the popular show Golos.

The Gradsky Hall musical theater, opened in the Russian capital in 2014, also belonged to the artist.

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