Died actor of the films “War and Peace” and “Wii” Arnold Sysuev

 The actor of the films "War and Peace" and "Viy" Arnold Sysuev died

On Tuesday, February 8, the famous Russian actor Arnold Sysuev died.

This is reported by the publication “StarHit”.

It is specified that he passed away on February 7th. The cause of death is not known.

Sysuev was born on July 23, 1940, 1964 and graduated from the Moscow Institute of Culture.

He played in the Biysk City Drama Theatre, the Kimr Drama and Comedy Theatre, the Fergana Regional Drama Theatre, Dimitrovgrad Drama Theatre, Vologda Youth Theatre.

Sysuev starred in an episodic role in War and Peace. and “Vie”, and also played in the series “Isaev”, “Great Dynasties”, “Great Adventurers of Russia” and Snowfall Crimson.

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