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 Actor Maxim Pinsker died

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Russian actor Maxim Pinsker, known for his role in the TV series “Interns”, died at the age of 60. It is reported by TASS. According to his ex-wife Irina, Pinsker died in a Moscow hospital. The cause of death is still unknown. It will be installed after opening. Pinsker was born in the Russian capital in 1964. He graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School and worked at the Mayakovsky Theater. In addition to “Interns”, he also starred in the TV series “Volkov's Hour”, “Call Center”, “Retribution”, “Young and Evil”. Also on his account there are roles in such films as "Fool", "Heavyweight", "Rental Luck","Relatives" and more.

Photo: Natalya Loginova/PhotoXPress

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