Died a scandalous ex-the Prosecutor, the body was carried out of the GPU details

Умер скандальный экс-прокурор, тело выносили из ГПУ: подробности

A former Prosecutor, a suspect in the crimes against Maidan activists died in the building of the Prosecutor General

Today, February 11, the Prosecutor General were ex-the Prosecutor of Prosecutor’s office of Kiev Andriy Saychuk.

He came to see the case materials. He is suspected of illegal attraction to criminal responsibility of the Maidan protester Nikolai Pasechnik.

Умер скандальный экс-прокурор, тело выносили из ГПУ: подробности

It is reported that a former law enforcement’ve read all the material and headed for the exit. When he was waiting for the Elevator, then felt ill and collapsed to the floor. Eyewitnesses say that Saychuk turning blue.

Urgent building of the GPU called an ambulance. However the arrived physicians verified death of a person. Andriy Saychuk died before the arrival of the brigade.

As previously reported, the results of examination in the case of the shooting on the Maidan.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine is ready to speak about the results of the examination in the case of the executions at Euromaidan in the capital of Ukraine in 2014.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on air of TV channel “inter” said that we are talking about those persons who gave, according to the investigation, the order to shoot civilians.

The investigation confirmed that such people as Yanukovych, Zakharchenko, Yakymenko, Shuliak, head of the SBU, interior Ministry, Interior troops and their subordinates gave the orders on the Maidan, which killed more than a hundred people, more than a thousand people were injured.

As said Yuriy Lutsenko, in 2019, the Prosecutor’s office will complete the investigation and finally be able to show the public the evidence.

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Умер скандальный экс-прокурор, тело выносили из ГПУ: подробности

The attorney General is confident that this will be the most anticipated trial in recent years. As it turned out that all the suspects destroyed the correspondence and servers before you run away to Russia.

However, the investigation failed to find evidence to establish the factual material and to interview thousands of people.

In the expert says that all this has a causal relationship with the deaths on the Maidan.

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