Didactic Concert of Creative Classroom of Music at the Museum of Almería

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Didactic Concert of Creative Classroom of Music at the Museum of Almería

Rosa Diaz

00:46 • 13 oct. 2021

“Música para todos y todos” by Aula Creativa de Música, arrives at the Almería Museum within the framework of the 2021 European Heritage Days: Accessible and Inclusive Heritage, an activity open and free to the general public until full capacity is reached, which will take place Saturday October 16 at 12:00 h.

It’s about a educational concert in which topics related to inclusion will be presented through oral narration and live music performance. The stories are enriched with instruments, sounds and songs, and the music becomes one more character.

For this, a wide repertoire of children’s stories will be adapted with interesting and fun stories that, in addition to encouraging girls and boys to start reading, promote positive values ​​related to reading. inclusion and accessibility, putting in value the strategies of emotional education.

A musical family

Rosa María López, Director of Aula Creativa de Música Tam Tam, as well as a Music Therapist and teacher of Early Musical Stimulation and Piano, tells us that “before I started speaking, I was already singing. Music has been very present in my life, since before being born”.

In addition to being a Music Therapist and Early Musical Stimulation teacher, Rosa María manages to spread her passion and enthusiasm to all the people on her team and who together with her students form a great musical family “because we believe in collective growth and cooperation.

He began his musical studies at the age of 7 and chose the piano as his musical instrument, with which he graduated in higher education at the Alicante Conservatory. As a child she already pointed out teaching ways, because she loved to play the teachers, she gave classes to her grandfather or her younger friends, so she ended up studying Music Teaching and graduating in History and Music Sciences.

Beyond academics, for her music has always had a special power, which led her to delve into its benefits for people and take the Master of Music Therapy at the University of Almería. Her professional facet would not be the same without her personal passion: being the mother of a beautiful girl named Teresa, who has transformed and enriched her in many ways.

“My most immediate plan? Enjoy my daughter, laugh together, observe her when she is asleep, watch a movie with popcorn. Because the warmth of yours, along with music, beyond academic or professional are vitamins she needs every human being ”.


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