Did not pray: a resident of Beitar Illit broke his wife's hands

 Didn't pray: Beitar Illit resident broke his wife's arms

On Sunday, February 13, a resident of Beitar Illit was charged with domestic violence.

According to Ynet, 25-year-old Elad Iluz was charged accusation of inflicting grievous bodily harm and threatening his own wife.

According to the prosecution, he broke both of the woman's arms. According to the indictment, on Saturday about two weeks ago, an argument broke out between a man and his wife because he used drugs and did not pray.

The defendant yelled at his wife to “get out” ; from the house, and after she refused, threatened her: “Be careful, I will break your bones.”

According to the text of the indictment, Iluz picked up his wife and threw her on the floor in front of the door of the house. As a result, she broke both arms. The prosecution wants to extend the suspect's detention until the end of the proceedings.

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