Did not mention the Russian Federation: Penelope Cruz was disgraced by a statement about the war

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 Didn't mention Russia: Penelope Cruz was disgraced by her declaration of war

Famous actress Penelope Cruz got into a scandal after a video in which she talks about the plight of African children.

In the video, Cruz says that children in Africa &quot “suffering from hunger because of the war in Ukraine.” However, the actress did not mention that the war was unleashed by Russia, “Korrespondent” reports.

Netizens criticized the actress and expressed dissatisfaction with her words.

“You say war in Ukraine – children are starving – because of the war in Ukraine. It would be more correct to mention it together with the word “because of Russia's attack on Ukraine!” &helli; because we are at war every day, but few people say WHO is the cause of the war in Ukraine,” one of the artist’s fans said.

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