DiCaprio's girlfriend quarreled with family because of rumors and flies to Israel

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 DiCaprio's girlfriend quarreled with her family because of rumors and flies to Israel

Eden Polanyi, Israeli girlfriend of Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, fell out with her family after rumors of her alleged affair with the actor reached her family.

According to Page Six, insiders report that the 19-year-old model is now “flying back to Israel” due to a quarrel with his family.

Rumors about the affair spread after the couple was spotted sitting side by side at the Los Angeles party of the singer Ebony Riley, dedicated to the release of her new album. According to the insider, the information that DiCaprio and Polanyi are dating is fake, but the model, according to him, was glad to be “in the right place at the right time” and “chasing attention.”

However, such attention was detrimental to her, as it jeopardized her relationship with her family. Fans and celebrities have criticized the age difference between the actor and the model at 29 years old. The girl's parents were upset when they saw her in the headlines of the tabloids.

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