“Diarrhea against the Russian Federation”: Poplavskaya is outraged by the tour of the actor Nazarov in Israel

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Fired for criticizing the war in Ukraine from the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, Russian actor Dmitry Nazarov will arrange a tour of Israel.

According to Russian media, this Russian actress Yana Poplavskaya was indignant.

In particular, Nazarov will perform in six cities of Israel with a concert “L'Amour-MUR, or Power on one side”. Tickets in Russian currency will cost from four to six thousand rubles.

"If Nazarov and Vasilyeva went on a tour of Israel with anti-Russian diarrhea, maybe I should organize a tour of the Promised Land? I will read poems about the Great Patriotic War, about the Holocaust, about the liberation of Auschwitz. About the feat of the Russian soldier. I wonder if there will be a demand? Which tickets will the Israelis be more willing to buy,” Poplavskaya was indignant.

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