Diabetes can be fought with spices

Well-known Indian spice turmeric since ancient times been used for medical purposes for wound healing, reducing pain and signs of inflammation. Scientists decided to find out what effect has this spice against diseases such as the occurrence of obesity and type II diabetes.

Endocrinologists from the diabetes Center the Naomi berrie at Columbia University using the results of the tests on the levels of insulin and glucose in the blood, have proven that turmeric added to the diet of laboratory mice, made the animals less susceptible to the development of diabetes.

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Scientists found that rodents receiving turmeric significantly reduced inflammation in fat tissue and liver. American physicians believe that curcumin, a component of the antioxidant in plants, has the properties of normalizing insulin production, preventing diabetes.

According to experts, turmeric has no limiting dosage of at least 12 grams daily will not harm human body. In addition, the effect of curcumin was associated with a small but significant reduction in body weight and fat in the tissues, despite the caloric content of food. Thus, turmeric is useful for figures, say the therapists.

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