Diabetes can be cured through fasting


Діабет можна вилікувати з допомогою голодування

A group of British scientists on the basis of the results of the conducted empirical research came to the conclusion that diabetes type II diabetes can be cured by fasting, reports Rus.Media. Experts believe that a strict diet and healthy eating can lead to complete recovery of the patient.

Previously, the authors of this theory, conducted an experiment involving volunteers aged from 20 to 65 years. All respondents suffered from type II diabetes. Study participants were divided into two groups, one of which the patients ate only soups and “healthy cocktails” in the other – took medication. After a certain period of time, the majority (86%) volunteers from the first group lost much weight. At the same time, dropping 15 pounds, they began to recover.

It turned out that the more a person loses weight, the higher the chance of beating the disease. The researchers say that the probability of cure of diabetes in these people is very high.

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