DFS explained the customs limit importation of products of famous brands

The state fiscal service published the explanation regarding the limitation on customs import of goods of famous brands:

ДФС роз&#039яснила щодо обмеження митницями ввезення товарів відомих брендів

Limitations customs the importation of branded goods purchased in the foreign Internet-stores, occurs only at the request of owners or their representatives.

This was stated by the Director of the Department of customs control organization DFS Alexey Vasilenko, commenting on the ban on the import of products of famous brands, circulated to the media.

“These limits apply only in the case if products are counterfeit, or if its origin failed to be installed”, – said Alexey Vasilenko.He also stressed that according to the Customs code of Ukraine, all receipts are checked, and the rights holder will have the opportunity to determine whether this product is original.

“In the case of the establishment of the counterfeit product does not fall into the customs territory of Ukraine. But, in the absence of violations of intellectual property rights, the right holder informs the customs about the possibility of resumption of customs clearance of such goods.

In most cases, that’s exactly what happens, and buyers receive their goods. The same procedure is used in Ukraine for a long time. On the one hand it protects the rights of consumers to quality of original product, on the other hand are protected by the copyright of the manufacturer,” – said the representative of DFS

. He categorically denied the information that the customs have been instructed to prohibit individuals import to Ukraine of goods, trademark rights which are declared in the custom registry. “This is not true, because customs offices such instructions, either orally or in writing from the DFS was not reported,” – said Alexey Vasilenko.

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We will remind: earlier it became known that the Ukrainian customs no longer pass the parcel with the products more than thousands brands purchased in the foreign Internet-stores. This happens on the basis of a list of objects of intellectual property included in the customs registry.

As explained to the media the situation the representative of the owner of the brand Xiaomi, lawyer Oleksandr Shevchenko, the request to ban import of parcels with appliances Xiaomi really is. It corresponds to article 398 of the Customs code of Ukraine, but the parcel containing 1-2 units of goods does not apply.

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