Developed a program for “spying” for the residents: how will you gather information

Разработана программа по "слежке" за жителями: как будут собирать информацию

American developers have created a program that monitors the residents

The developers of the Sidewalk Labs has created a program to monitor the activity of residents and build a simulation of the city. The guys from the subsidiary company Google want to use it for city planning.

The program received the name of Replica. It is designed to replace the conventional methods of data collection (surveys, activity, traffic flow). Thus, engineers in the planning of the city will not have to spend a lot of time on researching and correction of inaccuracies.

Разработана программа по "слежке" за жителями: как будут собирать информацию

The program in real time monitors the movement of mobile devices that allow you to determine the exact number of people in a particular area at a certain period of time. In addition, the program determines the means of movement and points of departure and arrival (supermarkets, shopping centres, the private sector and so on).

Based on the data builds a Replica model of SIM city, as in the famous game SimCity.

The developers claim that information is anonymous and encrypted, in particular, thanks to the mobile operators. At the same time, critics believe that such “spying” even without personal information to allow you to find a particular person, with data on permanent routes.

Разработана программа по "слежке" за жителями: как будут собирать информацию

Earlier it was reported that Finland plans to introduce a public service of artificial intelligence.

Finland the project is developing a virtual assistant for all citizens of the country. At this stage of the digital mediator is able to help you register and pass courses of improvement of qualification. In the future, the assistant who was named Aurora, will provide for each resident a personal recommendation.

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The government of Finland will complete pilot testing by the end of February. The Aurora platform in the framework of the training of the neural network is trained to advise citizens on issues related to housing, education, family status.

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