Devastating floods in the Philippines: 15 dead

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 Devastating floods in the Philippines: 15 dead

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The National Emergency Management Agency said on Tuesday that the death toll from floods and downpours that hit parts of the Philippines during the Christmas holidays had risen to 15 people, Reuters reported.
< br /> “Most of the dead drowned due to flash floods”, – Diego Mariano, a spokesman for the disaster relief agency, wrote.

Twenty-three people are still missing due to bad weather. Most of the missing people were fishermen who went out to sea, despite strong winds and large waves, Mariano said.

More than 166,000 people in a dozen provinces were affected by heavy rains and floods, including forced to leave their homes and stay in evacuation centers, the report said.
According to the disaster relief agency, damage to agriculture and infrastructure estimated at more than $1.6 million.

The Met Office said the tropical cyclone did not touch the Philippines, but the shear line caused heavy rainfall across most of the country, leading to such devastating effects.

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