Deutsche Bahn will offer porcelain tableware to customers

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 Deutsche Bahn will offer porcelain tableware to customers

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Deutsche Bahn, a German railway company, is implementing environmental initiatives.

Now, according to The Local, Deutsche Bahn customers will be able to choose between “high-quality porcelain or glass”; when ordering food and drinks on intercity and high-speed flights.

Reusable tableware, including cups, plates and bowls, will be offered to the passenger free of charge and without a deposit. The current plastic and cardboard packaging will continue to be available upon customer request .

“Deutsche Bahn is advancing the green transformation of in-flight catering,” said the rail operator's head of passenger operations, Michael Peterson.

The company has already implemented a different type of catering in the past. As part of its efforts to reduce its environmental impact by “more than 50 percent” dishes offered on Deutsche Bahn trains have been vegan or vegetarian since March.

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