Detained the maniac kept at Bay Zaporozhye: “Went to the Elevator for the children”

Задержан маньяк, державший в страхе Запорожье: "Заходил в лифт за детьми"

Militiamen detained the maniac-the pedophile who has attacked the child in the Elevator and threatening with a knife have made over him vile illegal actions

According to a video posted on YouTube by the National police of Zaporozhye law enforcement officers had detained a man who threatening with a knife 14-year-old, touched his genitals.

Задержан маньяк, державший в страхе Запорожье: "Заходил в лифт за детьми"

This information was confirmed by the first Deputy Head of the National police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin, which for this reason has published on his official page in Facebook message.

From the publication Abroskin, it follows that 19-year-old man was detained “on the hot tracks for sexual offences against children in Zaporizhia”

The incident was recorded on Tuesday, January 22. Maniac in the car with the knife 14-year-old boy and made over him of sexual assault.

Задержан маньяк, державший в страхе Запорожье: "Заходил в лифт за детьми"

As reported on page Vyacheslav Abroskin, last, 2018, was to the police from parents of children 8 years, 12 years and 16 years of age, statements on similar crimes in Kiev.

The detainee fit the description and will be checked for involvement in crimes pravookhoronnimi structures.

Previously we informed that in Kharkiv sentenced the pedophile pensioner who raped a seven year old girl.

15 years to spend behind bars for 67-year-old resident of Dergachi district of Kharkiv region for the abuse of seven-year-old girl. Such a sentence rendered the district court, declaring the man guilty in the corruption and the rape of minors (part 2, article 156, part 4 of article 152).

As reported by law enforcement, retired at the end of July 2016 was invited to his home of two seven year old girls who were playing near his home. The man promised to treat the children with sweets and biscuits. Girls with no fear went to him because he had always treated them with sweets.

Luring children to the house, the attacker played with the babies in the adult game, and then he locked the room and raped her.

The verdict has not entered into force because the time for appeal.

Earlier we talked about the fact that in Kharkov, the 59-year-old woman has accused a roommate of his daughter of molesting her 10-year-old granddaughter. This she told the girl.

According to the child, from November to December 2018 42-the summer cohabitant of the mother molested her, showed his penis touched in intimate places, and committing other actions of a sexual nature.

We will remind, at the children’s detention in Kiev wielding maniac.

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