Details of the operation at Nablus: Palestinian “avengers” laid down on the spot

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 Details of Shechem operation: Palestinian

The Israeli media published details of the operation in the Nablus area three days ago.

A group of Palestinian terrorists stopped at a permanent Israeli block -post. They were seen from afar. One of the terrorists jumped out of the car and managed to fire one bullet towards the checkpoint. He was mortally wounded in the neck by a sniper.

Two more terrorists were wounded in the legs. They were taken to the Rafidia hospital and most likely they will be arrested later.

The terrorist wounded in the neck turned out to be a member of the Palestinian security services. He died at Beilinson Hospital.

The army said the terrorist group was trying to “revenge” for the siege of a house in the Kasbah in Shechem, as a result of which four militants were liquidated.

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