Designed smart gadget: replace sellers and cashiers

Разработан умный гаджет: заменит продавцов и кассиров

Smart trolley performs the functions of sellers and cashiers

The American startup has created a smart shopping cart. Caper company plans to compete with well-known Amazon. Given that the installation of cameras or sensors on each shelf can be quite expensive, Caper offers a simple solution available for all stores and supermarkets.

Smart cart is equipped with an integrated barcode scanner, credit card reader and automatic scanning of items with three cameras and sensor weight. The company claims that people already buy 18% more after the shops were equipped with new smart carts.

Разработан умный гаджет: заменит продавцов и кассиров

Given all the functionality of the new invention, the smart cart may be out of the market, professions, vendors and cashiers.

Camera to recognize and scan the object by barcode (in the future we plan to use the recognition technology of image and products weight). Special sensors monitor if the product is in the cart. Built-in scale eliminates the need for additional weighing of vegetables and fruits.

In addition, the customer pays for purchases by means of an installed in the trolley terminal (all products displayed on touch screen built-in cart).

The device can also show the buyer special offers and discounts of the supermarket.

At the moment smart carts from Caper already used in two supermarkets in new York (USA). In the future, the startup plans to introduce the truck in 150 stores.

Разработан умный гаджет: заменит продавцов и кассиров

Earlier it was reported that the new device will read a person’s thoughts and turn them into synthesized speech.

Scientists at Columbia University in new York have managed to create a device that analyses of human thought and transforms them into synthesized speech. Thus the researchers hope to help people who have lost the ability to speak.

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The purpose of the device is not control of thought, and help people with speech disorders. For example, the people who have lost speech due to stroke. It is expected that patients will be able to speak, but only a computer voice.

According to scientists, they managed to demonstrate that people’s thoughts can be decoded, using the appropriate technology, and hear and understand.

We will remind, earlier Politeka wrote that scientists have created a supercomputer: “read minds”.

As reported Politeka, Finland Aurora launches: virtual assistant for all citizens.

Also Politeka reported that was named 7 occupations in which people are replaced by robots.

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