Dermatologists identified five unexpected causes of hair loss

Дерматологи назвали пять неожиданных причин выпадения волос

5 unexpected causes of hair loss. What to do with it?

Did you know that if a day to lose more than fifty of the hair, then after 40 years to appear bald on top? Expert tells how to determine type of hair loss and fight with him, reports the with reference to

Tips on how to understand the cause and urgently to stop the hair loss, we have prepared for the founder of the school of healthy hair, beauty blogger, qualified nutritionist.

To solve the problem of hair loss only shampoo or balm will not work.

Sale Shigapova. The independent expert on hair restoration, nutritionist, @zaliya.shigapova

The condition of the hair shows the status of the whole organism. The health of the hair follicle depends on many processes in the body. That is why the hair immediately reflected everything that is happening not only with our body but also our psyche.

How to understand that hair loss above the norm?

Hold your hands over the hair several times in a row and see how much hair remains in the hand. If no — norm, 1-2 — hair loss above the norm, from 3 — active hair loss.

What causes hair loss?

There are several types of hair loss. Consider the two main.

Hair breakage. If the tip thickening no hair is broken. This suggests that the disturbed hair structure, although it can be a good growth rate, density, thickness of hair and clean scalp. The main reasons for hair breakage are two:

  • The lack of minerals in the body. It is because they built the hair shaft.
  • Incorrect external care (incorrectly selected the technology of coloring, substandard care, frequent blow-drying, rough brushing).
  • Hair loss from the follicles. If the tip of a fallen hair is thickening of white, yellow, green, red or brown-red color, he dropped out of the follicle. The reasons may be the following:
  • Over the life cycle of hair (on average, hair grows from two to five years, maximum seven years).
  • Impaired blood supply. Blood vessels burst for various reasons (stress, fear, fungal infection, excess of carbohydrates in the diet).
  • The lack of nutrients in the blood (either the person is malnourished, or the nutrients not absorbed, or excreted).

How to fight hair loss?

Refuse Hairdryer. Improper use of a hair dryer hurt the hair. It is better to wash your hair in the evening if in the morning she does not have time to dry. If this is not possible, protect the hair from the Hairdryer and flat iron. Remember that the hair should be brushed smooth movements.

Doing the head massage. Run hands in wet or dry hair and massage with fingertips in circular movements the skin from her temples to the nape. Reached the back of his head back. And so a few times daily. Once a week it is advisable to do a deep cleaning of the pores of the scalp in the bath or in the sauna.

Choose a shampoo without chemicals. How to choose the right shampoo? For regular care preferred funds without chemicals (it is added not only to the manufacturers of cheap shampoos, but expensive). High price does not guarantee good quality. When choosing pay attention to the shelf life (two years), date of production and composition (SLS needs to be at the end of the ingredients list).

Use natural conditioners. In these salves should not be silicone. They envelop the hair and airtight film, which welds the scales of the hair. Due to this, the hair becomes smooth, but glue does not mean to restore. Subsequent shampooing silicone film will not give the nutrients from the conditioner to penetrate the hair cuticle.

Turn to trusted hairdresser. In order not to break the outer layer of the hair structure, it is very important to take care to external hair care. Find a hair colourist who will be able to pick up the paint and the percentage of oxidant that is under our hair.

Adjustable power supply:

Reduce the amount of sweet and flour to 50 grams a day, and coffee to two cups a week.

Refuse from industrial milk and dairy products (including farmers). It is full of antibiotics and hormones, and many milk is not absorbed by blood.

Added to a daily diet of fresh vegetables and herbs (at least 500 grams per day).

Drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day.

Take nuts, dried fruit or fresh fruit for snacking.

Causes and prevention of varicose veins in the legs

Working on emotional state. When we experience stress, the body there are certain biochemical processes in the blood are hormones. With the fear, the adrenaline, spazmiruyutsya vessels, when anger norepinephrine, spazmiruyutsya hair muscle. This blocks the delivery of oxygen and building material to the hair follicle. The advice “just stop worrying” is meaningless. So understand who and what annoys us, and work with it. Often pamper yourself, including a healthy Spa treatments for hair.

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