Dermatologists have called the best remedy to fight the herpes

Дерматологи назвали лучшее средство для борьбы с герпесом

In folk medicine, honey has gained wide recognition because of its antifungal and antiviral properties, however, doctors are not too carefully studied its effectiveness.

To such conclusion scientists from New Zealand, reports the online edition of the with reference to

The study involved more than 950 people. All the participants complained on the newly erupted cold sores on the lips. Some people treated the virus with the help of acyclovir, the rest is honey mixed with glycerin. Natural product was obtained from a tree kanuki and underwent sterilization.

It turned out, the two methods are equally effective. Honey coped well with the manifestation of the infection, as an antiviral cream. Full recovery occurred after 9 days without any side effects.

“Patients who prefer natural and alternative medicine, you can be sure in the effectiveness of medicines based on honey as a complementary method for the treatment of colds,” noted the study authors.

Named products which should be avoided during hot weather

However, rely on traditional medicine for viral illnesses, experts advise. The key to recovery will be the only timely treatment to the doctor and combination therapy.

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