Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation insulted the Poles and flashed knowledge of history

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 Russian State Duma deputy insulted Poles and flashed knowledge of history

The statement of the director of the Institute of National Memory of Poland, Karol Navrotsky, who was indignant at the removal of Polish flags from the military cemeteries of Russia and Belarus, was commented by State Duma deputy from the Kaliningrad region, Andrey Kolesnik.

In his On his Telegram channel, the Russian MP recalled Poland's attitude to the burials of Soviet soldiers and the demolition of monuments.

Kolesnik said that the Poles had degraded to the primitive level, and they had already passed the primates and pithecanthropes, and now they are approaching the boys from Teshik-Tash caves.

The politician also noted that it is very convenient for the Poles to live on the lands reclaimed for them by the Red Army, and asked who will defend Warsaw when, sooner or later, Germany decides to return “their ancestral land&q uot;.

According to Kolesnik, two nations in the world do not like – English and Poles. And he took on the role of a “seer”, saying that soon one country will be Atlantis, and the second Jurassic Park, and there will be many who will gladly return the Poles to this position, and Russia will not come to the rescue this time.< br />
“History, as you know, develops in a spiral. It seems to me that Poland will not survive the fourth redistribution. Their first capital was Gnezdno, the second – Krakow, third – Warsaw, and the fourth, apparently, will be Berlin. And we don't care”, & ndash; Kolesnik flashed his historical knowledge in conclusion.

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