Deputy mayor suspected of trying to illegally smuggle a Ukrainian woman to Israel

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 Vice Mayor is suspected of trying to illegally smuggle a Ukrainian woman to Israel

The deputy mayor of a city in central Israel was questioned on Friday by the Serious Crime Investigation Unit of Lahav 433 Police on suspicion of trying to smuggle a Ukrainian woman into Israel.

Police reported that a government official has been released under house arrest, while a 30-year-old Ukrainian woman who arrived in Israel on a flight Thursday evening will remain in custody until Sunday. To the Department of Population and Immigration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who came to Israel to attend a conference related to the Deputy Mayor.

She presented the authorities with an invitation letter she received from a government official with his signature. The reports said that conf The agency did not actually exist.

Authorities found signs on the Ukrainian woman's phone that she intended to come to Israel for prostitution.

According to a reporter from the financial newspaper Globes, the woman said to the authorities: “He told me to just say all the time that I'm coming to an educational conference related to security systems, and I have to say that I really shouldn't know what will happen at the conference.”

The police are also investigating whether the deputy mayor provided false documents to other Ukrainian women.

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