Deposit for legal entities

Deposit for legal entities

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In modern trade and financial practice, it is customary to call a deposit a special account, the only task of which is to make a profit on capital. In other words, the bank opens a deposit at the request of the client for a certain period, and for this time the funds on it are frozen, but the interest on them is increased. Depending on the terms of the contract, the operation can be performed either daily or annually. The deposit is a traditional part of the cash settlement service & ndash; settlement and cash services & ndash; included in the basic package of services for legal entities in any bank.

Opening an account with Tinkoff Bank

It should be noted that opening a deposit for legal entities in Tinkoff Bank it is possible only for those firms that already have a current account in the bank. Therefore, in order to become a depository client of a bank, you must first of all become its client, that is, open a current account. At the same time, in the future, transactions on it may not be carried out, however, its presence is mandatory if you wish to use the favorable interest rate of Tinkoff; on the deposit.

An application for opening an account is submitted in two clicks, the bank makes a decision in one day. For beginners, in addition to this service, Tinkoff offers a turnkey company registration service free & ndash; in this case, the account will be opened in the organization immediately.

Funds for the deposit are transferred from the main current account around the clock, the client can sign an agreement online after a meeting with a personal manager who is assigned to each company.

Terms of deposits with Tinkoff Bank

At the moment, the bank is ready to offer legal entities two types of deposits – & ndash; Overtime and 'Basic'. The first of these is by definition urgent. The minimum deposit amount is 400 thousand rubles, but the profit can be received in a day. You can leave a deposit overnight (interest is charged at 4 a.m. Moscow time) and get a profit of 2.75% per annum.

2 days to 2 years. In this case, the profit is 3.75% per annum.

It is impossible to close the deposit ahead of schedule & ndash; this is prescribed in the terms of the contract. The manager can consider this possibility only in the event of an emergency. The bank also offers firms services for opening a special account for tender sites and state defense orders.

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