Denmark punished ex-minister Stoiberg for separating pairs of migrants

Ex-Minister Stoyberg was punished in Denmark for separating pairs of migrants

The Danish Supreme Court considered the case of former Minister of Immigration Inger Stoyberg. The former official was accused of separating 23 pairs of migrants, which included underage wives.

While serving as minister in 2016, Stoiberg issued an order according to which the families of migrants who applied to Daniiz for asylum were separated.

The court found this decision illegal and sentenced the ex-minister to two months in prison, although the prosecutor's office insisted on 4 months. The defense tried to prove that Stoiberg's decision was the only way to deal with forced marriages in which underage girls were forced to enter, writes printveela.

& ldquo; I must say that I am very, very surprised. I was punished for trying to protect the girls. To be honest, something is not right at all! '' – the ex-minister of Denmark commented on her verdict.

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