Demonstration against “settler attacks” in Umm al-Fahm

Umm al-Fahm is preparing a demonstration against

& quot; People's Committee & quot; in Umm al-Fahm called on local residents as well as villagers in Wadi Ara to take part in a demonstration against 'settler attacks' on the Palestinian Arabs. According to Aruts Sheva, the protest is being prepared for this Thursday.

“People's Committee” calls on you to take part in demonstrating anger and condemnation of the violation of the rights, provocations and crimes of the crowd of settlers supported by the fascist and brutal Bennett government, which is harming our helpless Palestinian people, '' the statement said.

During the demonstration, the following statements will be made: “Settlements and settlers will leave”, “Fascism will not pass”, “The government of occupation and settlements will fall.”

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