Demand for private bunkers has skyrocketed in Russia

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 Demand for private bunkers has skyrocketed in Russia

Demand for private bunkers grew in Russia in 2022.

A particularly strong increase in demand was recorded after Russia announced “partial mobilization”. It is reported by "RBC-Real Estate" with reference to experts in the field.

“After September 21, demand has increased dramatically: the number of requests on our site has increased by 430%. This was not observed even after the start of “SVO”, – said the founder of the BunkerHouse project Nikita Malezhik.

The expert noted that now the panic has passed and people are more thorough in the issue of equipping private bunkers and shelters.

"After the start of mobilization and "SVO" we observed an increased interest in the construction of private bunkers – the demand has grown significantly. There were a lot of applications, a large number of them came from the south of Russia, from the border territories, “said another expert, the general director of Spetsgeoproekt. Danila Andreev.

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