Delta strain mutation discovered in Norway

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A mutation of the Delta strain was found in Norway

The strain was named AY. 63.

A new type of Delta coronavirus strain has been discovered in Norway. Researchers do not believe that he is more dangerous than his predecessor, reports with reference to Channel 24.

A new version of the Delta strain variant was first discovered at the end of June. Since then, it has appeared in many places in the country. They named him AY. 63 and marked & # 171; first discovered in Norway & # 187 ;.

How dangerous the new strain is

The National Institute of Public Health does not think it is more contagious than the regular version strain Delta. The scientists added that the study shows that the vaccine against this option works well, so there is no reason to worry.

The fact that this version of the Delta strain was first discovered in Norway does not mean that it originated here, they said.

Researchers at the National Institute of Public Health believe that & # 171; Norwegian & # 187; the option can give them unique opportunities.

This can be useful, we can follow its development over a long period of time in the country, and this will give us an idea of ​​how the coronavirus is developing,
– scientists noted

Coronavirus in Norway: briefly

  • 228,526 cases of coronavirus have been detected in Norway all the time.
  • The disease has claimed the lives of 951 people.
  • Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign in the country, more than 70% of the population – almost 3.8 million people – have been vaccinated.

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