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 Delicious daily meat gourmet

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Meat is a science, meat is a talent, meat is an art. All this and a little more – the main “ingredients” the success of people who connect their lives with meat: someone grows it, someone sells it, and someone cooks it, well, there is such a category who combines all of the above “someone” in one person.

 Delicious everyday meat gourmet

Well, it would seem, what is the difference between one piece of entrecote and another ? But there are a ton of differences from the “meat geography” up to the age and correctness of cutting (it’s easy to count everything) And what should the ideal roast be?

 Delicious Meat Gourmet Days

And what is the process of choosing the “right” fillet. After all, if not everything, then a lot depends on your choice, for example, perfect roasting, hence, accordingly, the taste of the meat dish itself depends! Meat-eaters will not let you lie: we – meat lovers – simply love it when it melts first on a plate, and then in our mouth! And this is possible only if it is prepared by the Master, who, again, is well versed in meat.

 Delicious Meat Gourmet Days

Personally, I am a person who simply loves meat. However, I am a very average cook. Nevertheless, this very average level allows me to determine at a glance, from the first bite, whether the dish was prepared by the Master Chef or the same “amateur” like me. Similarly, when choosing meat as a product for my cooking. Going up to the counter, asking a few completely simple questions, I immediately understand who is in front of me – the Master of Meat Business or something like that – a person for “just to defend the shift and just to sell the goods.” In Israel, there are quite a lot of good “delicious” restaurants. That's just the “right meat” not all cook. But, as they say, whoever wants, he will find by smell. And I found the most delicious place for myself, where you can not only “feast” excellent meat, but also buy fresh, so to speak, without leaving the cash register.

“ in Holon. A cozy European-style restaurant (despite the name) is located on the second floor of a wonderful butcher's shop. Here you can try everything from tomahawks to meat fillets. When you sit down at the table, you are served small salads and excellent hummus with stalemates, in the best oriental traditions, to prepare the body, so to speak, for the main course.

 Delicious Meat Gourmet Weekdays

I must say that the chef works very quickly, and professionally, we got the meat exactly the roast that we asked for. It really just melted in your mouth. And now it's time for a little secret for true connoisseurs. The meat menu is certainly good, but if your soul wants a real meat feast, you can go down to the store and simply point to the piece of meat that you liked the most, and the hospitable owner will gladly give it to the kitchen so that it will be soon on your plate. Of course, before that, do not forget to check the cost.

 Delicious weekdays of a meat gourmet

By the way, according to the personal beliefs of the owner, in the restaurant they do not serve alcoholic drinks, which in this case is even a plus, because nothing distracts from the taste of food. I really like that in our country there is such a culinary variety, but there are places where you want to return again and again and “עיראקי ״ without a doubt is such a place.

 Delicious Meat Gourmet Days

 Delicious everyday meat gourmet

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