“Decisions on limiting the use of force came from the General Staff”

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Walla's correspondent Amir Buhbut has published statistics on incidents in the Palestinian Authority over the past four years.

The statistics clearly show a decrease in activity IDF in the territories in 2021. They are trying to hide this by emphasizing the incidents & ldquo; tag mahir & rdquo; and & ldquo; settler violence & rdquo ;.

Bukhbut pointed out that the responsibility for this lies with the commanders of the units deployed in the territories – Brigadier General Yaniva Aluf and Brigadier General Avi Balot.

The officers of the Division of Judea and Samaria, however, objected to Bukhbut and indicated the fact that the “ order to exercise restraint was issued from the General Staff. ''

From the statistics cited by Bukhbut, it follows that in 2021 the number of incendiary mixture. The number of shelling has doubled, the number of attacks with the use of edged weapons has doubled.

At the same time, if in 2020 541 weapons were confiscated, then in 2020 only 397 were 50 workshops for the manufacture of homemade weapons were identified and destroyed, in 2021 – only 9.

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