December 7 – Catherine Sannita

This day is celebrated in memory of the Christian Martyr Catherine of Alexandria, who lived in 3-4 centuries.

7 грудня - Катерина Санница

This day started noisy celebrations, reports Rus.Media…

This day is celebrated in memory of the Christian Martyr Catherine of Alexandria, who lived in 3-4 centuries. The girl was educated, studied the works of famous philosophers, writers, doctors, knew several languages, owned oratory skills. In Christianity Catherine drew a Syrian monk; according to legend, after the baptism of her in the dream was Jesus Christ and presented the ring.

Catherine came to attend the sacrifice performed in a pagan temple by Emperor Maximin, and urged him to turn away from idols. The Governor, impressed with the beauty of the girl first tried to convince her words, and then told to torture. One of the instruments of torture were destroyed by the angel coming down from heaven. On hearing this, the wife of Maximinus, too, converted to Christianity and began to accuse her husband that he refuses to acknowledge the true God. As a result, the ruler and Saint Catherine was executed.

This day started noisy celebrations on the sled. The first trip sent the newlyweds played a wedding last fall. It is noteworthy that on this occasion the young for the first time after the wedding people saw me. For Bridal sleigh, painted and embellished with ribbons, rode a tuple of all the family and friends. After returning from the Mall, arranged a feast, and young children, invited him, sent a gift of Goodies and a sled.

Those who could not afford to ride on a painted sleigh, took a sleigh or a simple plank and went for a ride with hills, usually with steep river banks right on the ice. Here, the focus was on the couple. Leaving the house, they necessarily had to pass through the casing, turned fur on the outside to protect against the evil eye.

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Holy Catherine (Catherine), our ancestors considered the patroness of marriage and brides and helper in pregnancy and childbirth. In the evening Katerina girl who dreams about getting married, read the groom — for example, broke a branch of tree and put under the pillow, to glimpse one. If the girl already had a boyfriend in mind, she quietly asked him something, and then circles skated around the loaf, believing that this ritual will force the young man to walk in circles around her house.

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