December 12 will fall to Earth asteroid Sitric977


12 грудня на Землю впаде астероїд Sitric977

American scientists have provided the public with data about the approach to Earth asteroid Sitric977, reports Rus.Media. Previously, it falls on December 12 in the Pacific ocean.

Employees of the space Agency NASA at the moment has not commented on these data. It is worth noting that threats of life of the population of the Eastern part of the United States. The fact that Sitric977 land in the Pacific ocean, at a distance of 80-90 miles from land. Because of its size to 500 square feet threats to people in other parts of a space object carries. Also, the astronomers said that after entering the atmosphere, the asteroid could “dissolve”.

According to the American ufologists, this object could be alien ship, but this version was adopted by the skeptical scientists. About it reports the edition “VladTime”, citing the words of representatives of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT).

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