December 10 world football day. Congratulations

World football day all the fans of this team game is celebrated annually on 10 December.

10 грудня Всесвітній день футболу. Привітання

This date was approved by the decision of the United Nations. Today in professional football are more than 120 million people, not fewer fans play football in yards, on playgrounds, on beaches.


Congratulations with the day of football
And wish day by day
To be always in great shape
And so it was all good!

Wish You in tournaments
Many, many, many, me, wins.
And fans of peace,
So they do not know troubles!


Football is for many a game,
But for athletes, a way of life.
Jogging in the morning,
And not afraid of weather vagaries.

Here is the field, the ball, and in front of the gate
And the roar of the fans to hear back.
It’s vacation, and more work
To beat any price!

Sports this pozdravom –
For players and fans!
That team spirit has helped you.
Only victories! Come on, guys!


Love players
From our team,
So for us they
All the world more beautiful!

We have now
Nice Day of football
And note that we have
A good school!

Let him live soccer always
Agility wins
Let small and great
All play football!


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