Debunked popular myths about dark chocolate

Розвінчані популярні міфи про темний шоколад

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The transition to dark chocolate, will not help in losing weight because it is a little different from milk.

It is noted that dark chocolate is not really fair is considered to be a healthy alternative.

Dark chocolate, as milk is a caloric bomb and contains only a few calories less. The advantage is a low content of sugar. While dark chocolate can contain more fat. Dark chocolate contains more polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory action. However, the same properties have and fruit.

Consuming large amounts of chocolate, even dark, unflattering to the figure. Experts recommend not to stock up on large bars of chocolate and keep their homes. So that the chocolate does not harm the figure, it should be Packed separately, dividing into pieces, and eat one serving several times a week or a month.

Розвінчані популярні міфи про темний шоколад

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