Death of terrorist Abu Hamid: PA blames Israel

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 Death of terrorist Abu Hamid: PA blames Israel

The Palestinian Authority has accused Israel of the death of terrorist Nasser Abu Hamid, who is responsible for the terrorist attacks and the killings of Israelis.

Haruts Sheva reports this.

The Palestinian Authority for Prisoners Affairs stated: “Prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid dies at Assaf Harofeh Hospital.” as a result of deliberate medical negligence on the part of the occupying authorities.

It was previously reported that terrorist Abu Hamid, founder of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, died of cancer.

The Israel Prison Service (SHABAS) said the prisoner was a “terminally ill patient.”

“Israel Prison Service medical personnel and third-party agencies took close and regular care of the prisoner,” the statement said.

It is noted that even before the death of the terrorist, on Monday, the Israeli authorities allowed the mother of Abu Hamid to visit him, as he was “taking his last breaths”

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