Death of Ahuvia Sandak: Mandelblitt ordered the case to be closed

 Achuvia Sandak's death: Mandelblitt ordered the case closed

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Government legal adviser Avichai Mandelblitt has ordered the case against the police officers who were involved in chasing the vehicle carrying the teenager Ahuviya Sandak, who died in the accident, to be dismissed.

The decision was made on January 27.

Mandelblitt's office also released a video showing a Subaru speeding down a highway at breakneck speed, trying to get away from the chase.

Also on The video shows how one of the police cars nearly crashed into a truck driving in the oncoming lane.

Recall that several of Sandak's friends were in the car with Sandak. As a result of an accident that occurred during a police chase, the car overturned.

The teenager died at the scene. After that, mass protests swept across the country.

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