Deadly bacteria named after famous actor

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 Deadly bacteria named after famous actor

He is known for portraying cool characters like John Wick and Neov in The Matrix. and "John Wick" – Actor Keanu Reeves inspired scientists to name a deadly bacterium after him. Researchers at the Leibniz Institute in Germany discovered a new bacterium in February 2023, which they wrote down as “cyanomycin”, writes the Daily Mail.

that they simply had to call them “breakthrough science” in honor of Keanu Reeves – “deadly in its roles”.

By the way, the bacterium does not cause any harm to humans, but it is dangerous for pathogenic fungi on the human body and fungal diseases of plants.

Reeves has already commented on this decision of scientists. On the Reddit Ask Me Anything platform, the actor wrote: “They should have called her John Wick… but it's pretty cool… and surreal to me. But thank you scientists! Good luck and thanks for helping us.”

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