Dazzling black color. Prague “IMAGE – Black Theatre” from March 17 in Israel

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The organizers of the Israeli tour of the Prague "Black Theater Image" added performances in convenient – daytime and morning hours for viewing with children. Additional performances have been announced in Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Rehovot, Kiryat Mozin and Beersheba.

The “Best of the Best of IMAGE” performances, which will take place in Israel from March 17 to April 1, are designed for the whole family and are made up of the best performances that have appeared over the years of the Image Theater. In addition, new performances will be presented, specially staged and selected for the current Israeli tour.

Incomparable performances, unique sensations – these are the main reasons why audiences keep coming back to the art of Black Theater – IMAGE. Come and you – for the black darkness of the theater is full of surprises. This is the place where the illusion of magic is created. The place where the magic happens. A place where mystery lives. The principle of any “black theater” consists in the fact that actors work on an absolutely black background, controlling various objects on the stage. Because of the black suits the actors are wearing, they remain completely invisible. In fact, this type of theater is very close to puppet theater, the only difference is that the main thing here is not the plot, but the virtuoso skill with which objects and characters appear and disappear on the stage, people and things hover or walk through the air, constantly change and change. are converted from one to another. Show “The Best of Image” was originally created specifically for touring: the best excerpts from various productions. But the performance was so loved by the people of Prague that it entered the repertoire and began to appear regularly on the home stage. And then came the sequel, The Best of Image II.

This spring, the theater is bringing to Israel the best of the best, The Best of The Best of IMAGE show, which also includes completely new performances. Wonders of light and shadow, dance, pantomime, fantasy, humor and lyricism come together in these performances, where none is like the other. After all, the audience also participates in the creation of the performance. Come, the Black Theater IMAGE – Prague Shadow Theater invites you, be our co-authors!

The black curtain separates two different worlds – the world in which the audience is located, and in which everything is familiar and familiar. And another world – world «Image» – where we are invited to look. The complete darkness of the black theater is full of fantasy. Poetic pictures approach and the imagination wakes up. The unique technique of the actors and the traditions of the black theater prove that sleep, extravaganza and magic are much better seen in the dark. The mystery of the endless “black abyss” hides the actors, but many can be seen even up close. On the basis of the basic principle, new and new effects are invented. Here water flows and fire burns. Here the concept of light and darkness is completely different, because the darkness of the theater is full of surprises. The tragic gives way to comedy, and the incredible to the probable. The auditorium and the stage are connected. All barriers disappear. And then the imagination becomes a wonderful reality, where light and music, heroes and their adventures in combination of plasticity, music, light and shadow splash out. with its dancers, actors and mimes, it makes the viewer laugh and empathize with its characters, who do not speak a word, but only move among the darkness and shadows, turning into silhouettes and shadows themselves.
During its existence since 1989, the Image Theater became an integral part of Prague culture, well known to residents and guests of the Czech capital, as well as to the foreign public. Over 10,000 performances played and two million viewers in 34 years – these are not the only criteria for the success of Image Theatre. The main thing for his artists will always be the interest and recognition of the public. And, of course, children, for whose convenience new hours of performances have been added.

"The best of the best" theater IMAGE
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